2 years after marriage, Tinsel actor Gideon Okeke confirms divorce from wife

Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke best known for his role in Tinsel, who has been married to Chidera for two years, has formally filed for divorce. The actor updated his Instagram feed with a PSA about his divorce.

After confessing to receiving breakfast from his wife, which is a euphemism for being discarded, the actor revealed his divorce.

Even though Gideon acknowledged that it was a tough pill to chew, he was humbled by it. He begged his followers to refrain from hosting pity parties for him and his boys.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you that I’m separated from my Marriage right? No you wouldn’t…so grab a seat. It is in the interest of clarity and a clear conscience that this becomes imperative. But yea…. Breakfast reach Me too… Las Las. It’s been a hard hot pill I’ve had to swallow and boy….it sure humbles one. This PSA wouldn’t be so important (to Me), but for this trap that I find FAME to be sometimes. Gagged.

But as I look to the future… I pray for My BOYS. Such lovely Boys. Pls put us All in your prayers….not pity party. They need Mum and Dad sane, sound and strong for the fulfillment of their best interests and we are working towards it. Hard! I thank God. And I Thank you for rooting for Us. One life….many stories.

Pls don’t call, don’t text, as we work our way to a final dissolution. These processes take a toll in one as you may know. God bless y’all”.

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