March 23, 2023

Men are being advised not to tolerate their partners having male best friends by a relationship expert, who compares it to feeding a dog a bone and expecting it not to gnaw it.
Blessing Okoro, otherwise known as “Blessing CEO” from Nigeria, claims that it is absurd for a woman in a relationship to have a male other than her boyfriend, whom she refers to as her best friend.

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She claimed in a video that was uploaded to her Facebook page that a woman and her male closest friend would probably engage in sexual behavior if left alone in the same room.

She added that although a woman’s male best friend is attracted to her but is hesitant to tell her or is not ready for a relationship with her, the chemistry between them still exists and allows them to get intimate when the circumstances are right.

A best friend or “bestie” is someone you can chill out with and hang out with. These days, it’s typical for women in committed relationships to refer to other males as their besties. Some of these women end up sleeping with their so-called besties.

Blessing Okoro claims that it is a ruse used by modern women to trick their partners while they are having extramarital affairs.

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