Bawumia being disrespected by Akans in his party, he’s really suffering – Captain Smart hurls wild allegation

Former New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizer and astute media personality, Captain Smart has revealed how the Vice President, Dr Mahumudu Bawumia is being punched hard with tribal gloves within the NPP.

The host of the morning show on Onua FM/TV claims to have noticed that the vice president, who was supposed to be the head of the Economic Management Team, or EMT, has been “relieved” of his duties and cannot therefore be held accountable for Ghana’s faltering economy.

Blessed Godsbrain Smart, as Captain Smart’s real goes said during the Monday, October 24, episode of his program that the vice president had been humiliated by the presidency’s “Akyem mafias,” as former president Mahama had predicted.

“Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is the head of the Economic Management Team, EMT, but not part of the IMF negotiations. Have we thought about it?

This is what I called ‘Akyem mafiaism’. Bawumia, Mahama told you to be careful when dealing with Akyem mafias, if you are a northerner or an Ewe…“Have you ever heard Bawumia talking about the E-levy?

Bawumia kicked against E-levy and he has never supported E-levy, and Bawumia will never support E-levy but the problem is that he can’t come out to speak,” Captain Smart said.

He claimed that the “Akyem mafias” had removed some powers that the vice president was entitled to, making him powerless in this administration.

“Even the money that is allocated to the office of the Vice President has been blocked because he is a northerner and nobody respects him. But you see, there are other roles which are part of the Office of the Vice President and it has been taken from him.

So, Bawumia is suffering but he can’t come out to say it.So, now I have removed Dr Bawumia from Ghana’s economic equation but I will only mention his name because his own words are haunting him. See, Dr Bawumia is suffering in this government more than anybody else, trust me.

Tell me when was the last time you heard the voice of Bawumia’s wife, Samira?“None of the Akans at the Jubilee House respects Bawumia; they don’t respect our vice president. If I were him, I would have resigned. No Akan at the top level of governance respects Bawumia, they have rendered him useless,” Captain Smart stressed.


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