Christians are heartless people- Odehe Bi loses his cool over the death of Davido’s son

Odehe Bi- a popular social media influencer from Ghana and a spiritualist has used his Facebook platform to send missiles to the camp of Christians over comments made in the wake of Davido’s son’s death which sadly occurred on Monday.

In a lengthy post sighted by, Odehe Bi wondered why some Christians expressed happiness over the fact that a man of God from Nigeria had accurately predicted the doom and used the moment to solidify the relevance of the pastor and God in general.

He wondered why an almighty God fail to stop calamities such as the untimely death of singer Davido’s son but wait for them to manifest to elevate his status and have his worshippers, herein Christians in order to renew their faith in him.

Odehe then threw jabs at the apparent foolery of Christianity and the dogma that tie their modus operandi which they brought to bear shortly after Ifeanyi passed on via drowning.

He posted;

“When Davido’s son got dead, the first post and comment I saw was from a religious person (A Christian) saying that a pastor gave this prophecy sometime ago and it has been confirmed. That person was glad that, an evil thing said about someone has happened and also that, such a pastor is powerful and really from God. The pain parents are going through for losing their beloved child, isn’t the concern of such a Christian but it’s rather the stupid words of an evil man calling himself a pastor, that made them happy. What kind of heartless group of religious people is this? Why not protect and secure the person from that if you’re really a man of God? Anybody who can realize a problem but can’t give a solution, is a useless person, and your pastor is part.

Anytime someone loses a loved one, that’s where they’re stupid quotes about God drives in. “He govern so he taketh”. When people were suffering to cater for their kids, where was that God? Even if he exists, did he tell any of you religious people that he took someone’s loved one from them and caused them such a pain? Why are you people mostly like that? When will you people stop giving foolish quotes to support your heartlessness whenever someone goes into pain and grief? What kind of software did they use to program your minds towards such a foolish way of thinking and perceptions? Is it only bad things about people that you people see? You’re not emotional about anything befalling others but rather boastful of the evil things you said about people which happened?

Anybody who tells you that, you’ll die and this and that, is a mad person. Your pastor is equally mad when he gives a prediction about death. Death is definite and it’ll happen no matter what. We will all die one day so when someone tells me that my son or a family will die and he or she has seen it, it doesn’t make news to me because that person will also die no matter what. Let a religious person lose their loved one and atheists should also tell them how useless their God and Jesus is because he couldn’t save them from such untimely circumstances. Like you’ll see this religious people ranting that people should stay in their lane and all that nonsense. Yet these same religious people, especially Christians are the first to judge and praise stupid people all in the name of what they call prophecy.

“He’s not a good Christian. He doesn’t go to church. He doesn’t pay his tithes and offering. Upon all his money, he couldn’t support the child. If he did like he wouldn’t have lost his son”. You that you claim to be a good Christian and always in the church, how successful and better are you in life? Sometimes you people talk as if it’s the church that must make life better for humans and anybody who doesn’t go to church, is evil and being punished by your Jesus or whatever when they lose a loved one or when something bad befalls them. Yet the poorest people in life are mostly Christians. Those who suffer a lot are in the churches. Those who commit evil a lot are in the churches. You’re using someone’s greatest pain to advertise yourself so that you’ll get more goats in your church. The stupid sect of religious people too are on social media sharing you and praising you for it.

I always say that if there’s indeed a creator and he’ll regret for creating something, then it’s humans he’ll regret creating. Animals won’t do most things we do. They come together to show sympathy when a loved one is lost. They don’t have discriminatory acts and won’t look careless and unconcerned when a partner is in grief. We humans have moved from our natural ways and became heartless just because one particular book or books was said to have come from God and we need to worship. You prophesied that someone’s son will die and it happened. So after this, what will you and your religious people gain from it?

Are you satisfied now that it has happened? Are you happy his family are grieving and in pain and mental instability? And you the religious people, are you happy that a pastor said it and it came to pass? Praise him and call him the real man of God at the pain and suffering of a family. One thing is sure and certain about life and that’s death. We will all die. The greatest crime and lie someone will commit to you is to tell you that there’s a better place somewhere than earth. You people fail to be sensible to make earth a nice place for living things thinking you’ll go up there to enjoy. That’s why you’re destroying a lot of things here on earth. Terrible group of humans. It’s very sad and terrible that, the youth comprising of nice looking ladies and gentlemen, are following the stupid trend of their mothers and fathers in their worship and being more inhumane, heartless and unthinking towards acts of life and humanity. Pastors, prophesies and their followers my foot. You people and your pastors have thrown your brains on the floor. Tueh!!


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