March 25, 2023

Eleanor Williams has been making news headlines throughout her trials after making wild claims of being a Rape Victim. In this article, we will bring you exclusive details from the Eleanor Williams Trial, her parents and husband.

Elianor Williams Trial

Back in May 2020, Eleanor Williams was the subject of attention in the media when she shared some horrific photographs of herself via her Facebook handle in which she was covered in bruises, a black eye and a partially severed finger. 

According to her. She had faced multiple sexual attacks, she was beaten and made to attend sex parties by people she described as Evil yet clever Asian men, mostly Pakistani business owners.

Eleanor Williams claims went viral and she has since faced multiple trials. In January, She was convicted on nine counts of perverting the course of justice. 

Eleanor Williams Update 

On Tuesday March 13, Eleanor Williams was sentenced at the Preston Crown Court perverting the course of justice. According to the Court, Eleanor fabricated evidence to make it look like she was a victim of sexual assaults from multiple men.

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The reports indicated that Eleanor Williams went as far as using a hammer to inflict injuries on herself.

Eleanor Williams has now been jailed for Eight and half years after it was discovered that her allegations were false.

Eleanor Williams Parents 

Eleanor Williams was born in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria to Allison Johnston who is identified to be her mother. There’s however no details about her father.

Eleanor Williams Husband 

At the age of 22, Eleanor Williams is not married hence does not have a husband.

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