Getting married to only one person is not normal- Wanlov

Wanlov the Kubolor has stated that he does not understand at all the concept of marriage, probably as supported by religion.

Being permanently bound to one person is abnormal, according to the eccentric musician who has fathered ten children with multiple women and this an absurdity that he will never subscribe to.

Wanlov emphasized that his marriage to an American lady 17 years ago was solely for the purpose of legalizing his stay in the country.

He admitted in a recent interview with Doreen Abanema Abayaa of Ghanaweb that he married his wife in order to obtain his Green Card. He claimed that he aborted the plot and later returned to Ghana.

“I am actually already married. I got married for Green Card in America in 2006 but I never applied. I just left America and came and so I am still illegally married in America.

It was just about papers. I don’t think I will dedicate my life to one person and be like in a marriage. I can’t, it doesn’t feel normal to me,” he said.

According to him, having kids is a bigger responsibility than marriage which is why he dedicates his time to the latter;

“I feel like having a child is heavier than a marriage. Having a child is a responsibility between two people and no matter what, you have to uphold… that is superior to me than a wedding,” he concluded.

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