March 23, 2023

A pretty Ghanaian lady is contemplating reporting her boyfriend to the police after he refused to pay back a loan he took from her.

According to the lady, when she and her boyfriend were dating, he borrowed an amount of 1000 cedis from her with the hope of paying it back in a week.
During that week, he bought her a brand new iPhone which was worth 3000 cedis as a birthday present. But due to some reasons, they had to go their separate ways.
Anyway, after breaking up, she has been hounding her ex-boyfriend to pay back the 1000 cedis loan he took from her but he has refused to pay it back.
” I lent my boyfriend 1,000 cedis and a week later he bought me a phone worth 3,000 cedis as a birthday present. I was so excited because I had always wanted to use that kind of phone. Two weeks later, something happened and we broke up.
I have been chasing my boyfriend since then to give me back the 1000 cedis I lent him and he’s refusing to pay. Please advise me because I’m planning to report him to the police“. She wrote on social media.
 Some people who came across her story called her selfish for demanding the loan back. this is because the money her ex-boyfriend used to purchase the iPhone for her was three times the money she lent him.
Some people however are also of the view that a loan is a loan and that the boyfriend is supposed to pay back the money he borrowed especially since they are no more together. Some netizens also advised the guy in question to take back the phone he bought her after paying back the loan he took.
Well, what do you think of the whole situation? should he pay back the loan or not?

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