Imelda Marcos death hoax: Is Imelda Marcos death hoax dead or alive?

Imelda Marcos is a Filipino politician who served as the First Lady of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986, wielding significant political power during the Presidency of her husband 10th president Ferdinand Marcos.

Imelda Marcos age

She is 93 years old. She was born on July 2, 1929.

Imelda Marcos biography

Visitation by Imelda Remedios Romuáldez was born on July 2, 1929, at daybreak in San Miguel, Manila. Vicente Orestes Romuldez, a barrister, and Remedios Trinidad, his second wife, were her parents.

Imelda is Remedios’ firstborn and the sixth of Vicente’s eleven daughters. Imelda was raised in a wealthy Catholic family in the province of Leyte before being born into the political line of the Romualdez family. The day after her birth, she was baptized in the neighbouring San Miguel Church.

The clan matriarch Doa Trinidad Lopez de Romualdez, her uncle Norberto Romualdez, who served as an associate justice on the Supreme Court, and her younger brother Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez, who served as governor of Leyte and later as an ambassador under Imelda’s husband, Ferdinand Marcos, are notable family members.

The Romualdezes were affluent at the time of her birth. The financial situation of Imelda’s household started to deteriorate around 1932.

Remedios worked for the nuns at the Asilo de San Vicente de Paul during the period that Imelda’s parents were apart. Vicente and Remedios ultimately made amends, but to prevent further hostility, she and her children—including Imelda—moved into the garage of their home.

Remedios’ health started to deteriorate in 1937, following the delivery of Conchita, and on April 7, 1938, she passed away from double pneumonia. Remedios and Imelda had six children together during their ten years of marriage: Imelda, Benjamin, Alita, Alfredo, Armando, and Conchita.

Imelda Marcos nationality

She is from San Miguel, Manila, Philippine Islands.

Is Imelda Marcos dead or alive?

Imelda Marcos is still alive. Imelda’s niece, Eliza Romualdez-Valtos, took to social media on Thursday to end murmurs about the death of the 93-year-old.“Still strong and kicking,” Romualdez-Valtos said in a Facebook post, coupled with a hashtag calling out fake news.

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