Is Katherine Jackson still alive? Get To Know

She is the famous mother of the world-acclaimed musician of blessed memory, Michael Jackson. Michael is no longer alive and so is his father Joseph Jackson, but is Katherine Jackson still alive?

She has obviously grown old now, but what has she been up to?

When people become old and weak, there is a tendency for people to always get themselves concerned with their health and many do always look out for news of their death.

You are definitely one of those, I am sure.

Yours is to just try to find out whether the mother of your favorite late music star is still alive.

So is Katherine Jackson still alive?

This article has more insight into the issue of whether she is still around or not.

Kindly read through this article to find out everything there is to know about her.

Before we consider whether she is alive or not, let’s talk about just who Katherine Jackson is.

Who is she and why is she so popular?

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive: Who Is She?

I know you are not interested in her death, so I am going to tell you more about her before we take a look at issues relating to her passing away or being still alive.

Get to know more about her in this section.

On May 4, 1930, in Clayton, Alabama, Katherine Jackson was born.

That makes her 92 years of age, representing nine decades of life.

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Her parents were Martha Screws who lived from December 14, 1902 – April 30, 1990, and Prince Albert Screws who lived from October 16, 1907 – January 21, 1997.

Katherine Jackson’s birth name was Kattie B. Screws.

She was the older of two daughters born to Martha and Prince Albert Screws.

Her parents are obviously no more but is Katherine Jackson still alive?

Katherine Jackson became popular when her husband, started to put all his children through the system of building a dynasty by forming a music group for them. Katherine Jackson was so involved in this, and that brought her some fame.

Today, she is the matriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers that includes her children Michael and Janet Jackson.

Who was her husband, Jospeh Jackson?

Husband, Joseph Jackson

Joseph with Katherine

The head of the Jackson family of entertainers and an American talent manager, Joseph Walter Jackson facilitated the popularity of his family and children. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Rhythm and Blues Music in 2004.

Samuel Joseph Jackson, who lived from April 4, 1893 – October 31, 1993, and Crystal Lee Jackson, who lived from May 1907 – November 4, 1992, welcomed their son, Joseph Walter Jackson on July 26, 1928, in Fountain Hill, Arkansas.

After many years of influence, Joseph Jackson died on June 27, 2018. He was 89 years old.

So is Katherine Jackson still alive?

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Her husband, whom she married in 1949, died four years age now.

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive

As people keep asking, is Katherine Jackson alive, we have news here for them that the famous Michael Jackson mother is alive.

Katherine Jackson is still very much alive as of the writing of this article.

She turned 92 on May 4 this year, and even though she is not too active as a result of old age and ill health, she is still around.

She gained notoriety in 2012 when it seemed as though she had been abducted.

When Katherine was meant to have custody of Michael Jackson’s children, some of his kids allegedly resorted to Twitter to accuse their aunts and uncles Janet, Jermaine, Randy, and Rebbie Jackson of effectively kidnapping Katherine and transporting her to a spa in Tucson, Arizona.

It did turn out that it was not so as Katherine later refuted those claims.

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