It’s clear Akufo Addo can’t fix Ghana; parliament must impeach him – Lawyer Martin Kpebu

Lawyer Martin Kpebu, who works as a private attorney, is not sure that President Akufo Addo will fix Ghana’s economic problems any time soon.

He said that the President is not only bad at his job but also has no idea what he is doing.

He says that it’s time for the President to step down so that someone else can take over and run the country to help the people of Ghana feel better.

In an interview with TV3 on Saturday, October 22, Lawyer Martin Kpebu said, “The President doesn’t know anything, and he’s very bad at his job.”

He says that right now, the status quo needs to be changed by a large Kumepreko demonstration. He is also asking Parliament to get rid of President Akufo-Addo by any means possible, including following the rules in the Constitution.

“We need a ‘Kumepreko’ demonstration and then Parliament takes up from there. One-third of MPs, let’s us make the efforts to remove Akufo-Addo from office otherwise it will be an indictment on all of us,” Lawyer Martin Kpebu shared on the Key Points programme.

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The Private Legal Practitioner added, “The MPs, both sides, we need just one-third, they should step up. If you don’t start the process to impeach him, it means as a nation we lack honor.

“Make an effort, if fails it is another matter.”

Even though the government is taking many steps to improve the economy, many Ghanaians are still suffering.

High inflation and the constant loss of value of the Ghanaian cedi have made the cost of living in Ghana unbearable.

The government is hopeful that things will get better once it makes a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IM) for a support program at the end of the talks that are currently going on to save the economy from falling apart.


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