February 1, 2023

Lance LePere is a famous American fashion designer. He is largely recognised as the spouse of Michael Kors, Project Runaway judge and American sportswear fashion designer.


Lance LePere was born in Belleville, Illinois, United States of America in the year 1970 to his parents Harold and Dixie LePere. His father was a renowned architect who contributed to the creation of Belleville’s Memorial Hospital. Scott is his brother, and Nicole Sinn and Michelle Hewer are his lovely sisters.

His mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was just two years old. She used to refer to her cancer treatments as “her beauty pills” and never spoke negatively to him about her condition or her treatment even after he was a teen. His mother battled illness for 33 years until passing away in 2003.

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Lance LePere Height

LePere stands at a height of about 5 feet and 8 inches tall approximately to 172cm or 1.72m. Be us also recorded to have a weight of about 141lbs equivalent to 67kg respectively. His actual body measurements and other relevant information about her body are currently not available


Lance LePere Boyfriend

Michael Kors and Lance LePere

One of the first gay marriages happened between Lance LePere and his partner, Michael Kors in the year 2011. According to reports, Lance LePere began his career as an intern at the Michael Kors Holdings Limited office in Paris and is currently the division’s creative director for women’s design.

Over the years, he and Michael Kors have both participated in a number of charitable endeavours and made sizeable financial contributions to Memorial Hospital and the Roundabout Theatre Company.


Lance LePere Career

Lance LePere relocated to New York City, United States of America at the age of 17 to start his career as a fashion designer. In 1990, he began working for Michael Kors’ company as an intern, where he gained experience in the industry. Both of them enjoyed experimenting with Americana and had “a certain level of taste.”

They also both had “an American frame of view.” In his own words, they gradually became closer over the years as they talked on a daily basis. They started eating together at Joe Allen restaurant and grew close while working at the company’s Paris branch.

Since then, he has drawn media attention, with the majority of the television stations publicizing their marriage after 21 years of courting.

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Lance LePere Net Worth

Michael Kors’ spouse, Lance LePere has an estimated net worth of about $5million approximately. He is also recorded to be making quite a lot of money from his career as a fashion designer. His relationship with Michael Kors has also contributed to growing his wealth.


Who Is Michael Kors Married To?

The famous American sportswear fashion designer and Project Runaway judge, Michael Kors is officially married to American fashion designer, Lance LePere. They have been married since the year 2011.

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