Michael Rainey Jr Height: How Tall Is He?

You will never really get to know what your fans would like to know about you until you get famous. There are those who would like to know the size of your feet. Well, that might not make any sense, but wait until you get popular and you will find out what people would like to know about you. Here we are discussing Michael Rainey Jr height.

He has become popular and a lot of people enjoy his work, hence the desire to know just how tall the young actor is.

If you are reading this right now, chances are that you want to know how tall Michael Rainey Jr is and once you have landed on this website, be assured of the best as far as the information you seek is concerned.

What is Michael Rainey Jr height?

We shall explore that, but would like to know any other thing about the emerging actor?

I did tell you about the fact that you get the best from this website and that is down to the fact that we will not just give you what his height is but we will tell you his story as well.

It makes the information you seek richer, right.

Read on then?

How tall is Michael?

Michael Rainey Jr Height: Get To Know Him

Born on September 22, 2000, Michael Rainey Jr. is an American actor best known for playing Tariq St. Patrick in the television series Power and Power Book II: Ghost.

The roles of Michael Burset in Orange Is the New Black and Jalen in Barbershop: The Next Cut were both played by him.

The son of Michael Rainey Sr. and Shauna Small, Rainey Jr. was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

He has Jamaican ancestry through his mother.

His father is from New York, and Rainey Jr. was brought up in Brooklyn from the age of one.

The Indiana-based charity “Find and Feed,” which helps the homeless, is supported by Rainey Jr.

With all of what he has achieved in his career so far, it is not surprising that people want to know everything about him.

If someone wants to know Michael Rainey Jr height, it is all down to this–his popularity and influence.

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Well, how did his career pan out?


Before we get to the small matter of Michael Rainey Jr height, let’s take a look at what actually made him popular–his career.

As a ten-year-old in Un Altro Mundo, Rainey Jr. launched his acting career.

He then went on to perform in a number of other films and television programs, including 211, Orange is the New Black, Barbershop, Amateur, and Power.

In the extended Power franchise, Book II, Rainey Jr. currently stars as Tariq St. Patrick, the series’ central figure.

Founders of Twenty Two Entertainment were Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo, a fellow Power cast member.

The Crew Has It, a podcast hosted by the crew themselves, is the first undertaking.

Founded in December 2021 by Kenan Thompson and John Ryan Jr., Artists For Artists provides all of Twenty Two Entertainment’s funding.

What is Michael Rainey Jr height?

Michael Rainey Jr Height

He is still growing, given that he is just 22. He will still increase in size and height but at the moment, Michael Rainey Jr height is 5 Feet 7 Inches tall.

By this, he is not too tall and is definitely not too short.

Looking at his age, how taller are you than him, or him that you?

Michael is a star in the making. Starting his career at ten, he is now very popular as he has played various roles for the past twelve years that he has been at this.

He has appeared in a number of movies so far.

Some of his movie appearances could be found in the following: Un Altro Mondo, Waiting Room, Sunny & Share Love You, The Butler, Second Chance Christmas, LUV, Barbershop: The Next Cut, Amateur, 211, Book II, Power, Orange Is the New Black, etc

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