March 23, 2023

Digital artist Muda B is well-known for her murdab64 TikTok account, where she performs situational comedy, dance trends, and lip syncing.

She also publishes articles about styling and beauty. Over 350,000 fans have been attracted by her posts. In addition, she is a drill rapper whose song “Introduction” has received 1 million views.

In viral footage, Lotta can be seen punching Murda B hard in the face. Murda B allegedly insulted Lotta Hound and threw multiple shades at her.

A few of the guys who witnessed their initial fight kept them apart after it was over.

Murda B received a spanking in Miami, has a busted lip, an ice pack on her face, and the nerve to go on live television, threatening to beat up an opponent by saying that you can’t be disrespectful of the deceased and you can’t fight.

Murda B caused uproar during Miami’s chill night out when a fight video appeared on tiktok, twitter, reddit, instagram, and telegram.

Drill musician Murda B and Drewski have a sit-down talk about being the next artist to represent the Bronx, addressing her views regarding Kenzo B, and how she thinks drill artists should proceed in the future.

She also discusses her romantic relationships and breaks down her Murda B slang.

During Miami’s chilling night out, Murda B has stirred up controversy as a fight video on tiktok, twitter, reddit, instagram, telegram has surfaced. The rapper and Lotta Hound appear to have been engaged in what some are describing as a fierce altercation in the CCTV clip.

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