March 21, 2023

Highlife artist Kuami Eugene has disclosed that his mother is always worried about him when he makes the headlines in a negative way.

Kuami Eugene made headlines not too long ago where he was dragged by a lot of social media users over his comment. A lot of netizens were of the opinion that his comment was disrespectful to women.

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Speaking in an interview on Hello FM in Kumasi, the ‘Take Away’ singer disclosed that anytime a negative comment about him goes viral, his mother gets worried and hurt.

He revealed “Anytime there is a rumor about me or when people say bad things about me it really hurts my mother so bad because I am her child.

“So if you really like me whenever you hear anything bad said about me it will hurt you as long as I remain Kuami Eugene,” he said.

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“I even told my mother the same thing because sometimes she can hear something bad said about me and she becomes so worried,” he added on the show.

He continued “But I let her know that it’s not everything that you hear that you have to take to heart so sometimes you have to harden up in order to sail through”.


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