March 21, 2023

After regretting her error of dating married men, which she now finds to be highly immoral and unacceptable, Nollywood star Halima Abubakar has urged other women to stay away from dating married men.

On March 13, the Nollywood actress took to social media to give women some wise counsel while pleading with them not to commit the same mistake she did by dating someone’s spouse. She believes that it is morally wrong to be a side chick to married guys.

No do side chick o…see u soon. Find a side business and leave people’s husbands. Don’t make the mistake I made…The idea is to be morally right,” she wrote.

Halima Abubakar made it clear that she did not want other people to experience what she did when she made the mistake of getting close to the husband of another lady. After becoming bedridden due to an unidentified illness, she praised her supporters for their never-ending prayers, love, and support.

She further exhorted them to live lives for which they would be pleased. The actress added that having a side business is far better than being a “side chick”.

“Live a life you would be proud of. Thank you all for all the prayers and encouragement and love. I am on a new part to a new life; strive to be new and stay safe and morally upright,” Halima wrote.

She began acting in 2001 when she played a minor role in Rejected. Her first lead role was in Gangster Paradise. She is also the CEO of Modehouse Entertainment, a music label and entertainment management company.

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