Religion Took Away My Innocence, Peace Of Mind And Self Worth At A Young Age – Bisi Alimi

Nigeria LGBTQ activist, Bisi Alimi has shared his ordeal in the hands of Nigerian pastors who attempted to heal him because of his s*xuality.

His account comes as a response to an investigative reporter Fisayo Soyombo, who claimed that there are over one hundred prophet con artists in one church.

Bisi shared that he had experienced abuse at the hands of pastors which left him depressed.

He further stated that his serenity, innocence, and dignity had been stolen.He affirms that all this was an attempt to heal him by his mother.

He Wrote:

“As someone who actually went through conversion therapy within the Celestial Church, everything Fisayo wrote here brought back memories. The lies, the fake prophecies, the dramatic exaggerations and many more.

I am what I am now because of these experiences. I won’t forget what I went through at Foursquare Gospel Church in Mushin. The shame, the horror, the fakedeliverance and look at me now….

At a very young age, these people took away from me, my innocence, my peace of mind, my self worth and rendered me an angry, depressed, lonely and confused teenager and everyone wonders why I despise religion with everything in my soul.

And sometimes people don’t understand why I find it really really hard, deep in my soul to forgive my mother or my siblings. The scar I am left with is forever visible…. I might come across strong, but every time I see the scar, I fall back into deep depression and I am talking about things that happened to me over 20yrs ago.

And before you get it twisted, I love my mum…. I so very much love that woman, she is a warrior and a strong woman, and those are the qualities I took from her, but I can’t deny the pain she caused me in the name of trying to cure me instead of loving me”.


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