March 28, 2023

Presently going viral on social media is the video of a man who incurred the wrath of some military and was duly handed an instant punishment, albeit unorthodox for an unspecified offence.

The man was instructed to ascend to the top of his vehicle and wave at passing drivers. In footage that has surfaced online, the soldier continues to check and inspect other vehicles as the man is being punished.

The video has elicited varied feedback from online folks and we know you could add your opinion if you come across the thread online. In the meantime, watch the video below;

See what Soldier made someone’s Uncle to do.

— Naija (@Naija_PR) March 14, 2023

In other intriguing news previously shared on, in a move that will inevitably annoy feminists on social media, a young woman from Nigeria actually went down on her knees to serve her boyfriend and her friends after exhibiting her culinary skills in the kitchen.

She then went ahead to advise other ladies on how to keep their boyfriends satisfied and the relationship strong. For her boyfriend’s visit to his house with a few of his pals, she made a delectable lunch.

The beautiful lady whose identity has not been established yet could be seen in the kitchen diligently and seriously preparing amala and ewedu in a video she posted on social media. When the girlfriend was finished cooking, she served meals to each of them, but when she was giving her boyfriend a dish, she knelt down.

The girl continued to clean the house and take out the trash while they were still eating in order to maintain cleanliness.

She asserts that a decent girlfriend must act in this way in order to be considered a potential housewife. She claimed that she did everything to keep her partner faithful because she is sure he won’t ever betray her.

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