Songo opens fire on Akufo Addo, Bawumia, lazy Ghanaian youth over hardships

Radio personality, Patrick Osei Agyemang known well as Country Man Songo has lambasted the president, Nana Addo, his vice Mahamudu Bwumia and Ghanaian youths over the current hardship in Ghana.

Country Man Songo is of the opinion that the current hardship shouldn’t be blamed only on the leaders of the country but also on some ‘lazy’ Ghanaian youth in the country.

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Songo is charging the President, Vice president, ministers, and other parliamentarians to forfeit their salaries and pump them into the economy. He believes that this can solve part of the problems the country is facing.

Songo questioned the government on how they used the monies received from international agencies during the COVID era and what they intend to do with the IMF monies.

“The lazy people are too many in the system. They won’t find some job and work their arse off. Even when you give them a job, they will complain and resign. When they are done, they will call and ask for help. There’s too much laziness in the system. Our leaders should stop the corruption and invest money in the economy and help the youth get employment”.

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“President Akufo-Addo, you are the president, wherever you will find money to invest in the economy, do it. You have to sacrifice for us and show that you are a good leader. Bawumia must also do the same. You must all sacrifice and push your own money into the economy. The Minister, DCEs, and MPs must all dedicate their funds to the country”.

“Our leaders are stealing our money. When you say it, they harass you but you need to listen to the prophet of God. Where is the money IMF gave us in 2020? In 2022, you are crying for $ 3 billion. What are you going to use it for? Are they going to use it to help the country or chop it? They are all greedy and selfish. Until you tell them the truth, we’ll continue to suffer,” he said.


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