Stella Isabella Djohan Wikipedia : Meet the beneficial owner of BKSL

Stella Isabella Djohan Wikipedia is one interesting topic that many have been searching to know much about and in this Article, we will bring you all details you should know about her. 

Who is Stella Isabella Djohan ?

Stella Isabella Djoha is a businesswoman who has worked on different kinds of projects with her Husband. Some of her projects include property development, hospitality, and education.

The exact Date of birth of Stella isn’t known but it is believed she is in her 30s currently.

She has been one of the key members in the development of of Sentul City for many years and there’s absolutely no doubt that she played a significant role in shaping its growth for years now.

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Stella Isabella Djohan Wikipedia 

Stella is currently based in Indonesia, where she successfully established herself as a renowned Entrepreneur. 

She is the founder of the Stella Maris International School, which is a leading international school located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Stella Isabella Djoha is also a key figure of BKSL, a property and real estate developer based in Indonesia. Despite making an outrageous profits, they failed to distribute dividends to their shareholders. 


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