The Rapper We Call Casino

The larger-than-life CEO of Freebandz* and Future’s brother, Casino, blasted 2018 away with potent deliveries and an aggressive flow with the bite of a rattlesnake.  After being in a business background, the lyrically talented rapper promised to bury any doubt about his ability. Casino’s wish was to resurrect the street edge that defined Kirkwood’s finest. 

Freebandz is an American record label founded by American rapper Future in 2011 and distributed by Epic Records.  Future’s real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, born on November 20th 1983. With a prolific output and mumble-styled vocals, he is considered a pioneer of using melody and auto-tun in modern rap music.

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But back to the Rapper Casino, who has a massive television personality and is a successful battle rapper. To date, he has twenty-one battles catalogued which have over 111,812 views. His last battle was against Drew B., where Casino was unimpressed with his opponent’s attempts as he stretched and yawned his disdain. 

The Rapper’s first single was Deal which featured 21 Savage and Casino’s whole body of work released on Disrespectful, which was an albumin whole with back-to-back hits.

In an interview carried out in 2018, Casino describes the business of music. As the CEO of one of the most successful and prolific labels in the music industry, he was willing to talk about what it takes for an artist to make it. 

When asked about his latest project, Casino replied that time was taken over the completion, giving it a different energy and vibe. As the whole project took place in the team’s studio, there was no rush and no concerns about other people interrupting sessions.

Casino firmly believes for rap artists to make it in the music industry, they must show passion and consistency. The music industry is a tough place to work quickly, breaking spirits, so having faith in your abilities is vital. 

The rapper also believes that you need a good producer, publicist or other marketing people that will manage to get you in front of an audience and a studio to work out of. Without a talented publicist making sure you are seen and heard, you will fail as other artists will have people behind them who are gifted publicists, making it difficult to succeed. 

He also mentioned that having people who believe in you and your project regardless of your situation is essential. People who will support your ideas and ambitions and think outside of the box as you cannot do everything on your own. 

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