V8 driver shot in Dzowulu; Stonebwoy lambasts witnesses for taking videos than saving him

On Monday, October 24, 2022, a V8 driver was allegedly shot and his vehicle was set on fire in Dzorwulu.

Sika Official, a blogger from Ghana, posted a video online in which the unnamed driver of a black vehicle

After being assaulted by unknown intruders, the driver of a V8 automobile was seen laying hopelessly on the street while his car burned.

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Media sources have speculated that a land dispute may have sparked the assault, although this is just conjecture.

An onlooker decided to film the 33 seconds of the incident as the wounded guy lay hopelessly on the street.



Stonebwoy, in response to the video, said he was disappointed that bystanders seemed less concerned with helping the victim than with filming the event.

“I saw a video of a man laying hurt on the floor in Dzorwulu. A residential area with his V8 bumped/crashed into all these while there was this man filming him shouting, he is not dead ooo. With other passerby also filming until the car caught fire. This man started shouting…we need fire Ghana fire service oo. Please fire service come o. and so on and so forth. Like I am so disappointed in some of us. Our smart phones have sucked out common sense,” he wrote on social media,” Stonebwoy wrote on Snapchat.

He continued that: “He could have called an ambulance or fire service. Anyways realizing how long it takes for both to show up. How about quickly arranging for a taxi to carry this man to the hospital to save his life. I see many of us interested in filming the incidences that happen in order to post instead of actually saving the situation then dealing with the extras later. We can surely do better. Pls let’s try”.

See a screenshot of his post below.


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