March 23, 2023

Certified relationship and marriage coach, Counselor Dr. Charlotte Oduro has once again hammered on the importance of choosing virtues women over women with attractive body features.

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The woman of God emphasized that true success and fulfillment of a man comes from knowing what you want and working towards it with purpose and determination.

Speaking in an interview, with Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm, she said men who choose to settle down with women mainly because of their physical appearance are not serious about achieving their lives.

Counselor Charlotte emphasised that any mature man who is conscious of where they are heading to in life will not be looking for a woman who has big ass and breast.

Rev. Oduro also talked about the dangers of chasing after superficial things like big ass and breasts because it comes with great consequences.

She reminded the audience that true beauty and value come from within, and that a person’s character and integrity are far more important than their physical appearance.

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Rev. Charlotte added that this is the reasons why women are been forced go for because ‘small boys’ who can’t see beyond ass over building his vision.

She further stated that the notion that men are moved by what they see is deeper than what we seem to understand it and that been beautiful is an additional fact but that does not mean you are fit for marriage.

Mrs. Charlotte Oduro is an evangelist who has been educating the youth and couples on how to have a good relationship with their partner.

She is one of the popular marriage counselors who most Ghanaians go to seek advice from.

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She is one of the most outspoken counselors who loves to speak very deeply and well known by Ghanaians for speaking her mind anytime and anywhere.

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