What Is Calvinism? What Do They Believe?

During the reformation era, John Calvin and other preachers stood up and brought up different beliefs which were foreign to the Roman Catholic Church. Calvinism is therefore a denomination that follows the theological traditions and teachings of John Calvin and other preachers. For more information on what Calvinism is all about including their beliefs, ride with me as I give you more insight.

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What Was Calvinism About?

John Calvin and the other preachers were not against the teachings in the Bible however, their understanding of the scriptures was what created the reformation. They opposed some of the teachings of the Catholic church. The following are what they opposed.

Calvin believed that salvation was only through the grace of God and that even before creation, God had already made his selection. He also opposed salvation through work and said only God could give life.

The Five Calvinism Beliefs

As already discussed, John Calvin preached the following.

Total Depravity: Calvin believed that the deeds of Adam and Eve had caused a lot of people to be originally enslaved to sin. That is people are naturally not inclined to God unless through divine intervention.
Unconditional Election: John Calvin also preached that God in his own wisdom already chose who will be saved. For this reason, it is the mercy of God that can give salvation to anyone.
Limited Atonement: Calvin also believed that the death of Jesus was only for the chosen and not for everyone.
Irresistible Grace: This also means that since God has purposed that a person is saved, no matter what, the grace of God can help the person.
Perseverance of the Saints: Calvinism believes that once people have been saved by God, those people cannot lose their salvation through any act of their own.

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