Woman Nabbed After Swindling A Businessman Of All His Money

A woman identified as Ms. Patricia Mueni Makenzi, was arraigned before the Makadara Law Courts in Kenya on Monday February 27, to answer to charges of swindling one Mr Abdikadir of Sh200,000.

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The court heard that on February 22, 2023, Abdikadir, who is a businessman in Nairobi, received a call from a woman who claimed to be in a predicament that required his help.

The woman claimed that she had gotten Mr Abdikadir’s contacts from his business partner.

She then told Mr Abdikadir that she had about $4,000 and €3,000 which she needed to change into Kenyan currency and requested to meet him for assistance.
Unknown to Mr Abdikadir, he was being lured into a well-calculated fraudulent scheme. He agreed to met the woman near Ambassador Hotel on Tom Mboya street where she showed him bundles of “cash” in a bag which she claimed were close to Sh500,000.

Mr Abdikadir gave her Sh200,000 in cash and promised to give her the remaining amount in a short while. It is only after he had parted ways with the woman that Mr Abdikadir checked and found, to his utter dismay, that the bundle he had received contained a $1 note and Sh50 note while the rest were papers.


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